- Our boat consists of 4 floors.

- There are separate Hilton toilets for men and women and two changing cabins on our boat. (Toilets and changing cabins are cleaned by our staff every 15 minutes.)

- On the ground floor, there is a restaurant section consisting of a shadow seating group and lodges where 180 people can dine at the same time.

- Our 2nd floor consists of a shade box, table and sunbathing mats. On this floor, where our guests can attend entertainment and animation programs, there is also a bar section where you can provide your needs.

- 3rd and 4th floors are VIP sections, some parts have sun loungers and some sunbeds are available for our guests who want to sunbathe. (There is no price difference in VIP sections.)


We started yacht tourism in 1988 with our North Star boat. After the first year we started as a partner, we continued our activities with our first boat.


We continued with the 1989 Black Beauty gulet (18 meters)


In 1990, we put our second boat, Anna, into operation. (22 meters)


In 1992, we bought our third double-decker wooden boat named Sinbad (26 meters)


In 1993, we bought our 32-meter boat named Poseidon 1 by selling the third boat.


In 2000, we continued with Ruzgar Lal gulet.


In 2010, we sold two boats and launched our last and best choice, Poseidon 2, into operation. Our boat, which is 40 meters long and 9 meters wide, took its place as the largest tour boat in Çeşme.